Leading golf governing bodies unite to share insights

Earlier this week, 12 governing bodies of golf came together at the Players 1st virtual annual meeting. They used the opportunity to openly share exclusive updates, insightful perspectives, and data on participation and membership, all with the common goal of enhancing the game of golf through collaborative learning.

Lucas Balleby
May 26, 2023

It's not something you see every day — top governing bodies and organizations from a sport joining forces, even in a virtual setting, to discuss the key priorities within their countries. But Players 1st continue to facilitate these broad and transparent discussions with their partner federations, who gathered online for the recent Players 1st annual virtual meeting. 

Twelve participating federations from Europe and Australasia shared updates on their current initiatives, discussed the latest trends they've noticed, and presented the valuable data they've collected through the customer experience management platform by Players 1st

Strengthening the golf community together

These meetings provide an open environment in which federations share their latest data, initiatives, and insights. The sharing of information takes place not only during the meetings themselves but also at the annual Players 1st Conference, which occurs every September.

This in-person gathering brings together federations and larger organizations to network and exchange knowledge, all with the goal of improving the experiences of members and guests at golf clubs. Additionally, one of the focuses of the conferences is on initiatives to attract new golfers and support the overall growth of the game.

After the conference in 2021, many of the participants expressed their desire to stay connected and continue learning from each other throughout the year. And the answer turned out to be a virtual solution.

While our software helps organizations and federations make decisions based on data, seeking inspiration from each other can make the process of starting new initiatives feel more practical and hands-on. That's why we started our annual conference. Now, it's a great privilege to support the governing bodies of golf even further by hosting these annual virtual meetings, ensuring their knowledge sharing stays up to date.
Morten Bisgaard, Co-Founder of Players 1st

Head of club development at the Finnish Golf Union, Kirsi Erofejeff-Engman, attended the meeting alongside Aarni Nordqvist, a specialist at the federation’s Information Services department. The Finnish Golf Union was one of the returning participants at this year's virtual gathering, and its representatives had the following to share about their experience.

These webinars are always very useful and inspiring as we are mostly working with the same issues and goals. Once again, we learned a little bit of new and got a good overview of club development status in Europe and other parts of the world as well.
Kirsi Erofejeff-Engman, Head of Club Development
The Finnish Golf Union

Towards the end of the meeting, the German Golf Association took to the virtual floor and made an exciting announcement, revealing that Frankfurt will be the official host city for the next Players 1st Conference this September. This will once again provide a great opportunity for the network to come together and discuss the development within golf. 

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