The 5 key topics from the Players 1st Conference 2023

The 6th edition of the Players 1st Conference, held in Frankfurt last month, brought together golf’s governing bodies from Europe and Australasia. The summit served as a dynamic platform for industry leaders to engage in insightful discussions on critical issues shaping the world of golf.

Lucas Balleby
October 6, 2023

Players 1st once again invited its partner federations and associations to its annual knowledge sharing and networking event, the Players 1st Conference. Taking place between the 18th-20th September, the conference rooms at Raddison Blu Schwarzer Bock Hotel in Wiesbaden near Frankfurt were filled with hugely motivated and ambitious delegates within the golf industry.  


The 6th edition of the conference was co-facilitated with the German Golf Association, while attendees had input into the agenda and delved into some of the most crucial subjects that drive golf. 

The following topics were discussed during the three-day gathering, which will also be shared in more detail through our channels soon. 

Volunteers in governance

One of the focal points of discussion was the importance of how to effectively retain and educate volunteers in Golf Club boards and committee positions, ensuring that the volunteers remain a pillar of the success and growth of the sport.

Workforce issues

Addressing workforce challenges emerged as a critical theme, revolving around strategies to attract and retain skilled professionals within the golf industry. The presentations covered subjects such as career development, diversity, and inclusivity, as well as initiatives aimed at fostering supportive and thriving environments for all stakeholders. 

The Danish Golf Union also shared some of their initial findings from a recent survey which they collaborated with the Danish Greenkeeper Association, the Danish Manager Association, and the Danish PGA, once again making data a central element of some of the federation's strategies. 

Systems and tech

In an era of rapid technological advancement, presentations about systems and technology in enhancing the golfing experience were naturally a part of the agenda. The presentations shared perspectives on how to adopt innovative solutions for course management, data analytics, and member engagement – and how one could benefit from it.

The young generation on- and off-course

Youth is the future, making it important to consider strategies for attracting and retaining youth both on and off the golf course. Inspiring presentations and knowledge sharing went into detail on innovative coaching methods, junior development programs, and campaigns to create and attract vibrant, youth-friendly golfing communities. 

Golf & Health

"Golf and Health" was a session delivered by The R&A, presenting ways to promote the physical, mental, and social well-being of golfers. Engaging dialogues centered around initiatives that encourage healthy lifestyles and the therapeutic benefits of golf, reinforcing its positive impact on overall well-being for all age groups. There was interest in the room around The R&A's pilot schemes and the campaign creative that is starting to be developed within this space.

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