Players 1st and How Many Strokes partner to enhance feedback with digital information platform

A new partnership between Players 1st and How Many Strokes aims to assist golfers and golf managers in combining guest and member feedback with data from digital HCP conversion table and information boards. The purpose is to offer an extra method for improving the overall club experience.

Lucas Balleby
September 25, 2023

Players 1st, the industry leader in customer experience management solutions for golf clubs, proudly announces its strategic partnership with How Many Strokes, a cutting-edge digital HCP conversion table and information platform, providing a modern way for management to communicate with their players. 

This partnership signifies an innovative advancement by combining HCP and information management with customer experience management within the golf industry. One of the benefits golfers can enjoy from this partnership is the convenience of easily and accurately obtaining club information and their playing handicaps, while golf clubs can eliminate manual handicap calculations and reduce potential information errors. 

The collaboration perfectly aligns with our mission to elevate the golf club experience for golfers worldwide. The digitalized HCP and information board assists golfers in accessing the most important information from the club before playing, easily receiving information about things such as course conditions. This will lead to better-informed members and guests, which is really important in providing a great overall golfing experience.
Morten Bisgaard, Co-founder at Players 1st

Moreover, clubs utilizing the Players 1st platform will have an additional innovative method for gathering feedback from their guests and members.

Integrating the two solutions means that our tailored member and guest surveys, already utilized by over 2000 clubs worldwide, will be available through the information board. This gives golfers an easy opportunity to express their opinions and give feedback immediately after their rounds.
Morten Bisgaard, Co-founder at Players 1st

Transforming golf club operations with digital solutions

How Many Strokes introduces a modern solution for presenting club information and a digital HCP conversion table based on the new World Handicap System. Featuring a sleek design and an intuitive interface, the digital and user-friendly system simplifies a lot of administrative processes at the club, which includes updating handicap tables when changes in slope and course rating occur.  

As players and golf managers start embracing the digital age more heavily, integrating digital solutions becomes increasingly relevant. Our solution started as a digital conversion table to eliminate the need for paper-based calculations and tables. Now, the solution has developed into a modern digital information platform for golf clubs, empowering them to tailor their services, course conditions, and communication to the diverse needs of their members and guests.
Frederik Elias Knudsen, Co-founder at How Many Strokes

The solution is available starting today. For more information, visit

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