Women in Golf Awards 2023: Players 1st celebrating women on the rise

Players 1st had the honor of attending the second Women in Golf Awards, where ten awards were presented to celebrate and recognise outstanding women and initiatives in the golf world. One of the winners, Daisy Starling, was the humble recipient of The Rising Star award, sponsored by Players 1st.

Lucas Balleby
August 11, 2023

One hundred women and men from across the industry gathered at the second Women in Golf Awards on Tuesday evening. The ceremony held at Walton Heath was the annual celebration of the achievements of women in golf and the initiatives that impact women in the sport.  

Our winners range in age from 20 to 83 and come from every sector, and I am delighted to be able to provide a platform for them to shine. I'd like to thank Players 1st and the other sponsors for supporting the awards. In doing so, they allow us to offer free spaces, which means we can provide equal and fair access to the awards ceremony. I'm already looking forward to next year.
Nicole Wheatley, Co-founder of the Women in Golf Awards

Amelia Lewis, Players 1st UK Regional Manager, was in attendance for the first time and shared her impression of the event.

The evening was a real sense of occasion and celebration. Having the opportunity to be involved in sharing some of the stories behind not just the eventual winners but all nominees was a proud moment for me. There are so many wonderful women starting out on their journeys in the industry, and others who have already achieved so much, and finally getting recognition for it.
Amelia Lewis, UK Regional Manager at Players 1st

The Rising Star Award goes to…

One of the night’s many highlights was the presentation of The Rising Star award, sponsored by Players 1st. This new category aimed to honor an upcoming industry professional who deserved recognition for her fantastic efforts in their role and beyond.

The judging panel, composed of seven independent industry leaders, had the unenviable task of selecting a winner from an extremely strong list of nominees. The winner of this inaugural award category went to Daisy Starling of Lydd Golf Club, whose dedication and passion for her role as an assistant greenkeeper made her an incredibly deserving winner.

It was extremely humbling to meet Daisy Starling and present the Players 1st sponsored Rising Star award to her on the evening, and look forward to hearing of her continued successes.
Amelia Lewis, UK Regional Manager at Players 1st
Amelia with the winner of the Rising Star award Daisy Starling on the red carpet.
Amelia Lewis with the winner of the Rising Star award, Daisy Starling, on the red carpet.

Amelia Lewis had the pleasure of presenting the award to Daisy Starling during the night and shared some of her story which was submitted as part of her nomination.

When the then painfully shy 20-year-old Daisy Starling joined Lydd Golf Club two years ago, she knew nothing about greenkeeping and had to look up what it was. Over time, her passion has grown so much that she is now the first to arrive, the first to volunteer, and the last to leave, while she even named her fish after the work's mowers.
Amelia Lewis, UK Regional Manager at Players 1st

As the curtains descended on the eventful evening, the Women in Golf Awards 2023 left a lasting impression, serving as a reminder of the remarkable strides made by women in the golfing world and the unwavering dedication of players, organisers, and sponsors in supporting their journey to success.

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