Players 1st to go Down Under: Strong pilot shapes partnership with Golf Australia

After a successful pilot earlier this year, Players 1st and Golf Australia have entered into a partnership to offer the Players 1st customer experience management platform as a central support tool to the federation's affiliated clubs.

Lucas Balleby
October 10, 2023

Over the last six months, 15 golf clubs in Australia have utilised the Players 1st platform to survey their members, with some clubs extending this to their guests, providing a better understanding of their customers' specific needs. This customer-centric feedback approach has exceeded expectations, resulting in a new partnership between Players 1st and Golf Australia. 

Golf Australia are thrilled to bring the Players 1st survey tool to Australian golf clubs and facilities. Players 1st are the world leaders in golf-customer experience insights, and I look forward to the information we are able to provide to venues through this partnership.
Matt Chesterman, Head of Clubs and Facilities
Golf Australia

The initial 15 clubs conducted the member survey, and two clubs also surveyed their guest players. With some clubs achieving a remarkable response rate higher than 70%, the feedback and results dashboard has provided them with some initial areas of interest for improvement based on their customer satisfaction levels. 

A total of more than 4,000 responses were collated during the initial roll-out, initiating the establishment of local and national benchmarks that will start to provide a comprehensive understanding of satisfaction levels among Australian golfers. 

Generally, customers are looking for great experiences and golf customers are no different. Regardless of those customers being members, visitors or guests, venues need to be asking them how well the experience they provide measures up. The Players 1st tool provides genuine insights to the customer, guiding management on where to put effort and resources to improve the experience.
Matt Chesterman, Head of Clubs and Facilities at Golf Australia

The survey tool to support the growth of golf in Australia

According to Golf Australia's 2021/22 Participation Report, last year resulted in the second-largest golf membership increase since the federation began its data collection in 1970. With club memberships nationwide growing by 2.7% in that period, the Players 1st tool will prove crucial in gaining insight into how Golf Australia can support its affiliated clubs with specific support towards retaining new members and how to attract future members and guests.  

We are delighted to support Golf Australia during this dynamic stage they are experiencing across participation and development of golf in the country. We believe that our platform will provide the perfect tool to complement their modern approach to supporting their diverse range of affiliated clubs. It's going to be quite the journey, and we look forward to working closely with the federation over the next few years.
Amelia Lewis, UK Regional Manager at Players 1st

The partnership commenced in September 2023. For affiliated clubs interested in exploring the Players 1st support, please contact your Golf Australia Club and Facility Manager and visit for more information. 

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