TrackMan Ranges can now reach thousands of players through Players 1st

Players 1st and TrackMan join forces to offer an automated solution that gathers instant feedback from customers and players at driving ranges, to support the positive developments in off-course golf.

Lucas Balleby
March 15, 2023

Players 1st and TrackMan have launched a brand-new integration to collect feedback from customers and players at driving ranges that use the innovative TrackMan Range technology. The solution will enable driving range operators to automatically survey their driving ranges visitors – and collect real-time feedback to optimize their business.

The new partnership comes in the wake of the thriving development that off-course golf has undergone in recent years, culminating in a record-breaking milestone in 2022. For the first time ever, the number of off-course golf participants surpassed on-course golf participants in the U.S., according to the National Golf Foundation.

Off-course golf activities such as driving ranges and indoor golf are becoming more popular by the day – and as a technology provider in this space, we’re thrilled to continuously develop our offerings for TrackMan-powered driving ranges to deliver outstanding golfing experiences.
Kenneth Pedersen, Head of Product at TrackMan.

Valuable feedback for range operators

Now, the golf tech company is expanding its catalogue of offerings by adding the only customer experience management solution designed specifically for golf clubs and venues.

“With the new integration between TrackMan and the Players 1st platform, we now provide driving range operators an avenue to reach thousands of customers every year seamlessly and automatically; to voice their opinion and share their feedback. This data is exceptionally powerful and we, at TrackMan, are delighted to get the information in the hands of the range operators that work with our technology every day,” says Kenneth Pedersen.

The two data-driven companies have a common goal of making data easily understandable and more actionable for users. For that reason, customer feedback is displayed on an intuitive dashboard that populates with real-time feedback. This allows operators and venue managers to instantly identify the business areas most important to their customers and address key needs.

At Players 1st, we aspire to track and improve all the steps that a golfer goes through – both on and off the course. We feel privileged to team up with the golf industry’s leading force when it comes to ball-tracking technology. TrackMan know everything that goes on during a practice or gaming session. And we know how the players feel and think both before, during, and after. By combining our knowledge, we believe that the range operators more easily can act on their customers’ and players’ needs.
Morten Bisgaard, CEO at Players 1st

The new integration will be made available for TrackMan-powered driving ranges worldwide and became accessible for TrackMan Ranges in the United Kingdom on March 16 2023.

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