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Boost your golf club’s revenue with guest surveys

Are you surveying your guests yet? If not, you're probably missing out on the most important factor for providing great guest experiences: Feedback. Actively using feedback from your guests will enhance their experiences and boost your revenue, leaving your competitors stuck in the bunker.

Lucas Balleby
June 14, 2023

As the leading provider of customer experience solutions for golf course operators, we have gathered survey responses from over 4 million golfers worldwide. That's a whole lot of valuable data. And with that kind of insight, we can see that one method is essential to level up your overall guest experience and keep those golfers coming back for more.

Basically, the key to attracting and retaining guests is pretty straightforward: Give your guests the chance to provide feedback and then take action on it. And one of the most effective ways to achieve that is by conducting guest surveys, as it helps you uncover their unique opinions and needs.

Guests and members have different priorities

If you're already surveying your members, you're familiar with the art of gathering feedback. And guest surveys are similar to member surveys. Well, to some extent, that is.

Both types of surveys give you valuable insights into what golfers think and feel, helping you make data-driven decisions to enhance their experience. But the questions in these surveys do differ a bit. And let's not forget about the answers.

Our data reveals that guests prioritize quality and affordability, as they frequently seek an exceptional round of golf at a reasonable cost. In contrast, members tend to place greater emphasis on the overall ambiance of the club and the proficiency of its management.
Players 1st

Guest surveys are a tool to spot the differences between visiting golfers and your lifeblood members, which enables you to tailor your offerings to their preferences. And when you make those stronger and more personal connections with your guests, they'll choose your club over the others without hesitation.

Get ahead of competitors by understanding your guests

Trying to improve guest experiences without direct feedback would be like teeing off wearing a blindfold. You might have a vague idea of where to aim, and a good feel for your swing, but the result would be unpredictable and ineffective.

But being open to feedback and motivated to act on it provides you with the cues and comments to help you address their needs in the most important areas. Moreover, it enables you to meet and exceed expectations for future visitors, something your competitors are probably already doing.

So, let's talk about how guest surveys can be your ticket to success on the fairway of guest experiences.

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The benefits of using guest surveys.

Simply put, guest surveys are the building blocks of your journey. But the true victory comes from using the survey responses actively to improve guest experiences at your club.

And remember, it's not a one-time task. Instead, it's an ongoing process we often refer to as closed loop feedback. Once you become skilled at conducting guest surveys and closing the feedback loop, you'll definitely witness remarkable growth in revenue.

The 4 most popular features in Players 1st Guest Surveys

  • Flexible and customizable survey template.

  • Easy to launch via automated delivery.

  • Intuitive results dashboard with benchmark comparisons.

  • Track development of your scores over time.

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