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5 ways to increase survey response rates at golf clubs

In this blog post, we’ve outlined five helpful and easy tips to boost awareness and engagement for a Players 1st Member Experience Survey, ultimately driving up response rates at your golf club.

Lucas Balleby
October 25, 2023

When it comes to gathering valuable insights from your Players 1st Member Experience Survey, a high response rate is crucial. It not only enriches the feedback you receive but also empowers Players 1st as a whole, providing you with more robust national and international benchmarks on member experiences. 

So, how can you ensure your specific efforts lead to increased response rates? 

1. "Warm-up" communication 

Start introducing the survey in your club's newsletter or in regular communications with members, like a monthly email. Let your members know that their opinions matter and will directly influence the club's future improvements, sparking their curiosity. After all, who wouldn't want to contribute to a better club and its customer experience management?

2. Pre-survey email: A friendly heads-up 

Similar to giving a heads-up before a tee-off, send a reminder to your members a few days in advance of sending out the survey. Inform them that an email from "Players 1st" containing the survey link is on its way to their inbox. This ensures that no one misses out.  

Also, consider mentioning that this survey is sent out by another company and suggesting they check their junk email folder if they haven’t received anything. This is generally a smart practice to be aware of when sending out emails, whether it's for member surveys or guest surveys?

3. Harness the power of social media and your website 

Keep the momentum going with regular updates on your social media platforms. Countdowns to the survey’s closing date, engaging tweets, and Facebook posts can work wonders to increase survey response rates. And don't overlook your website - a blog post or a homepage pop-up can be the true hero in spreading the word. 

4. On-site activation: Meeting them where they are 

Recognize that not everyone is glued to their inbox. Capture the attention of both email users and those who prefer traditional channels. Consider subtly including a reminder in the scorecards or buggies – it's like leaving a trail of breadcrumbs leading them straight to the survey!  

Posters or flyers strategically placed in high-traffic zones like locker rooms or the pro shop counter are also excellent ways to promote your survey reminders. Lastly, having the reminder displayed on your digital information boards will make the reminder nearly impossible to miss.

5. Face-to-face at the club house 

Sometimes, a personal touch makes a big difference. Identify a dedicated member-volunteer to champion the cause. Have them visit the club on days when larger groups or societies gather, sharing the message about the member survey from one member to members alike. They can also give out flyers and engage with organizers to ensure every member has the opportunity to voice their thoughts.  

In fact, word-of-mouth among members is a powerful way to spread your message. This holds true for both marketing based on recommendations and, in this case, for promoting the member survey in a trustworthy way. So, definitely consider asking your members to help increase survey response rates at your golf club.

5 ways to increase survey response rate at golf clubs - Players 1st.
5 ways to increase survey response rate at golf clubs - Players 1st.

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