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Closed loop feedback – What is it? (Guide for golf clubs)

Closed loop feedback is about following four simple steps to collect feedback and enhance the experiences of your members and guests. In this blog post, we'll explore why closing the feedback loop is important for golf clubs and share practical tips to help you make the most of it.

Lucas Balleby
May 30, 2023

We get it. Closed loop feedback might sound like a tricky term, but it's simply a way of describing the process of listening to your members and making changes based on their feedback. And it's a key factor in customer experience management (CxM).

So, let's explore how closed loop feedback works and the benefits it brings to your golf club. 

What is closed loop feedback?

Closed loop feedback is a method that allows you to handle feedback from all your members and guests, whether they're happy or not. It enables you to turn your happiest members into advocates for your club and ensure that your least satisfied members feel heard and appreciated, bringing a smile to their face.

The main aim of using this method is to provide outstanding golf experiences by carefully considering feedback, responding to questions, and solving problems. In the end, it's the perfect way to let your members and guests know that their opinions truly matter, and you actively use their feedback to make their experience with your club even better.

How does closed loop feedback work? 

Closed loop feedback works like a charm when you follow a specific on-going routine.

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How closed loop feedback works.

So, closed loop feedback consists of four steps: Listen, interpret, react, and monitor. By understanding why each step is important and making them a regular part of your routines, you can greatly improve the performance and success of your club.


The first step in closed loop feedback is to listen to your players by asking for their feedback about their experiences at your golf club.

To do this, you can use surveys that are easy for your members and guests to respond to. Surveys are valuable tools for getting an idea of their values and satisfaction levels over time. And as feedback comes in all shapes and sizes, pick the feedback solution that best suits your golf club's situation and goals.

Generally, there are three types of feedback data to consider.

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Types of customer feedback.


Once you've collected all this feedback data, it's time to make sense of it. In simple terms, you need to transform the responses and data into valuable insights and understanding of the player experience. This will enable you to develop strategies for handling negative experiences, improving member retention, boosting loyalty, and driving growth by minimizing the number of unhappy members, also known as detractors.

As part of this process, you'll need specialized CxM software to help you analyze the data you've gathered. Think of this software as a powerful tool that manages and enhances interactions between your members, guests, and your golf club, both on and off the course.

Things CxM software can help you with

  • Measure satisfaction levels through NPS scores in real time.

  • Analyze NPS scores by member and guest segment, product, service, or geography.

  • Figure out what's causing positive and negative experiences.

  • Identify how loyalty and satisfaction levels evolve along the member and guest journey.

  • Measure how each interaction with customers is performing.


Having great software is just the beginning. You see, survey data and NPS scores alone won't magically transform your golf club. To make a real impact, you must be proactive and take action, even if it means making tough decisions. The data gives you insights, but the bold choices and decisive actions drive real change.

The beauty of closing the loop on member and guest feedback lies in its ability to guide you in making those decisions that benefit them. And it's not just about one player or a fleeting moment. It's about enhancing the entire customer journey, creating an unforgettable experience for everyone who sets foot in your club.

CxM software helps you react promptly to feedback from members and guests.

All in all, when you receive feedback from your members and guests, make it your top priority to reach out to them promptly. Take immediate and decisive action to tackle any issues they've raised. And don't forget to follow up with them later to make sure your actions haven't missed the fairway. You want to make sure you're driving straight toward improvement and leaving them satisfied with the results.


The final piece of the puzzle is to set up a solid feedback structure in your golf club, which truly can make a difference. And it will help if you put together a team with employees from different areas of your organization that consistently monitors, adjusts, and improves the customer experience.

This team will be like your watchful observers, discovering valuable insights and sharing customer experience data to make improvements. And if any problems cause negative feedback, they can use their creativity and experience to come up with new and clever ideas to make sure your players leave with smiles on their faces.

So, get a structure in place, rally your troops, and let the magic of closed loop feedback unfold. Together, you'll create an environment where your customers are the top priority, guaranteeing unforgettable experiences for every visitor to your club.

Tips to closing the feedback loop

  • Make it easy for members and guests to give feedback. Send out surveys specifically made for golfers, so they don't feel like wasting their time answering irrelevant questions.

  • Act quickly on feedback. Don't let issues continue - address them right away and follow up with members and guests to make sure they're satisfied.

  • Involve your staff in the process. Confirm everyone understands the importance of customer feedback and knows how to respond to it.

  • Celebrate your successes. When you make positive changes based on feedback, share the news with your staff and customers. It will help build momentum and keep everyone motivated to keep improving and using the feedback actively.

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