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Understand what it is that makes your members tick by getting direct, quantifiable, and detailed answers about the things they like and areas they think we could improve.

Getting feedback from your active members is essential to your club management and figuring out how you can make the member experience as positive as possible. Thus, we’ve built this survey as a collection of both yes or no questions, spaces for comments, and multiple-choice options, along with plenty of questions on a scale between 1 and 10, so we can know with certainty what it is about the club that your members enjoy and vice versa. The questions cover the golf course itself, club atmosphere, the quality of your clubhouse, the lessons on offer, the other available sports, and of course the food and beverage services available to our members. With clear answers, you can paint a clear picture of the member experience, zone in on what you do well, and work on what you could do better.

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