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Take your events to the next level. Increase sponsorship revenue and bring back participants next year.

Too busy to set up a survey? We've got you covered. We get it - your organizing committee already has a long list of action items to complete without adding more to the list. That's why Players 1st has launched this integrated survey solution that can be deployed in a matter of a few minutes, providing you with valuable feedback and opportunities to improve the overall event experience and keep your players coming back year after year. Get Feedback on every stage of your event Our survey template unlocks insights from every step your player's journey, from the time they register until the post-event celebrations: - Pre-event Planning/Organization - Event check-in, course selection and conditions, officials and other players - Post-play celebrations, food & beverage quality, service and feedback on event prizes - Demographic data - Likelihood to attend the next event Comprehensive Questions Our survey templates, designed by customer experience experts, provide you with an easy to deploy survey that can be fully customized to your event. Powerful Dashboard The Players 1st dashboard with its advanced processing algorithms makes analyzing your data and prioritizing areas for improvement a snap. No spreadsheets or pivot tables (unless you really want to). Event Software Integration Surveys can be distributed using our interfaces to popular event management software including Golf Genius.

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